2015年よりパリ、ドバイ、ロンドンにて作品を発表し、日本国内では7年間毎年東京で個展を開催。 世界平和のメッセージを乗せて毎朝インスタグラム(@miura.mayuko)に新作を投稿する現在は、海外からのコラボ依頼が相次ぎ、それに応える日々である。



Born in downtown Tokyo, Mayuko Miura grew up under the strong influence of her father, who inherited a long-running family business of paint and coating industry, and subsequently has taken the path of nail technician.

Once learning the joy of facing people and applying order-made designs, she has started to use her signature airbrush skills to paint amulets customized for each person's need.

While her works continued to evolve artistically year by year, her encounter with Cell Art has brought her rich color sensation yet another boost.

As numerous cells come into existence through her vibrant palette of colors and celestial happenstance, Miura's Cell Art evokes the great universe lying within each person and invites people to enjoy the infinite worlds of free-flowing stories.

Since 2015, she has exhibited her works in Paris, Dubai, and London, while holding personal exhibitions in Japan for seven years in a row.

Currently, she posts her new works, accompanied by her messages for world peace, on Instagram (@miura.mayuko) every morning, and lives her days accepting and undertaking collaboration offers from overseas.

For Miura, the time she spends totally absorbed in play with colors is heavenly bliss, and enveloped with this energy of happiness, her magic of colors crosses national boundaries, continuing to fascinate countless people.






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